Monday, November 11, 2013

Smilax Bracteata benefits

Filipino term: BANAG: English term: SMILAX BRACTEATA.

Other Filipino term: BANAGAN
Parts can be used: Rhizomes,wash it,chop and make it dry


Philippine herbal medicine support and unique alternative medicine the one of

this plant is Smilax bracteata one spoon  dried material, put on the glass with hot water, and covered it with
in 15 minutes' drink 2 or 3 times a day.
This could also be used in:
Rhizomes are bitter,Uric acid,anti-inflammatory,postpartum,depurative, anodyne,
acrid, digestive, laxative,thermogenic , aphrodisiac, diuretic, febrifuge and
tonic. It is used in dyspepsia, flatulence,colic, constipation and helminthiasis.
It is useful in skin diseases, leprosy and psoriasis. It is used in insanity and
neuralgia, epilepsy, fever. It is used syphilis, strangury, seminal weakness and
general debility. Detoxifies organs, cleanses blood, aids absorption and kills
bacteria. It also stimulates digestion, increases urination,blood circulation,
protects liver and promotes perspiration.
it can also be used in Postpartum:
Postpartum refers to a period of depression after childbirth. Also known as the
'baby blues' or postnatal
depression. It does not occur in all women and in those that it does, the degree
varies. It is caused by hormonal changes within the body and chemical balance.
Most women experience a mild form of this.
For the varicose vain , decoction some of smilax root, honeysuckle , paragayo ,
black berry, noni ,bahay, casuarina equistifolia root, boiled drink 3 times a

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tomato juice benefits

In 1557 tomatoes in Europe the famous name Love Apple,Tomatoes are possibly one of the best "Famous superfoods" around the globe, and the popular fruit has particular benefits for men. Studies have suggested formula, drink juice of tomatoes three glass or more everyday that the lycopene found in tomatoes may reduce risk of colorectal cancer, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease; the leading cause of death in men. Research has also shown that men who frequently eat foods rich in lycopene may drastically reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer,Tomatoes have benefits to lever problem and etc.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Purslane Verdalega benefits

(Portulaca Olarracea L.)

Philippine herbal medicine we would like introduce the importance thing about this plant Purslane it is super natural hailing to lever problem,gallstone,deadly skin problem (scurvy),urine problem,burn problem,weak children or not healthy children,tapeworm problem,Purslane is edible and good for  blood cleansing and solution in other illness problem.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Gingkgo traditional herbs

Ginkgo   herb it is used as traditional medicine to treat  any  kind circulatory disorders  and enhance memory. Even if not  it all studies agree, Ginkgo leaves were traditional used  benefit of brain, treatment of lung disorders, relief of cough and asthma symptoms, and diarrhea. The leaf tea was applied externally to treat sores of the skin and remove freckles It also shows guarantee for enhancing memory in older adults. Laboratory studies have shown to ginkgo improve blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and reduce the stickiness of blood platelets.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The impressive benefits of wild Papaya

Filipino herbal treat contenues reseacrh nigh the new impressive information virtually frantic Papaya. It is rattling consequential of the mount people was old until now, The chaotic papaya is perfect combining to protect of kidney difficulty.The combination how to effortless old the untamed papaya to attractive of plain herbal medicament prefabricated by unrestrained pawpaw. The elevation group said fruits and leaves are uses to kidney job.Misused the fruit of untamed papaya and swing by flyspeck situation in one cup and used inexpensive leaf of untamed papaya before over the top are use  it and serving in tiny situation in one cup.mix budge trey enclose of thing until 1 and half containerful of h2o rest and alter and then use three times a day in cardinal days...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Gumamela Plant benefits

Philippine herbal medicine looking for good benefits of  Gumamela plant.
Gumamela in used alternative medicine.
Gumamela is anti-inflammatory properties.
Gumamela in good for the heart.
Gumamela is anti-biotic properties.
Gumamela in used as Tea.
Gumamela is used of any kind of  flavoring  drinks around the world.
Gumamela in used to mix flavoring of any kind wine.
Gumamela in used jelly and jam.
Gumamela is highly vitamins C with tea.
Gumamela flowers is antifungal properties.
Gumamela is antihypertensive properties.
Gumamela is cure various ailments.
Gumamela red flowers for hair care benefits.
Gumamela in used folk medicine as deuretic,mild laxative and cardiac treatment.
Gumamela in used nerve diseases and cancer.
Gumamela leaves heated and applied in any crack part of the body.
Guamela treatment for ulcer to speed maturation.
Gumamela plowers is edible in often mix in any vegetable as dilicacy.
Gumamela effective alter medicine to bronchites treatment.
Gumamela  leaves extract can be applied to scalp for hair-fall protection.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coconut amazing benefits+Coco good benefits

Coconuts really nutritious complex and hot fruits that are tenor in protein.
In Continent state it is obtuse pose but rattling nutristiuos and awful benefits
of  welfare metastasis.Coco some Vitamins same A,B and C...That is really effectual all voice of the body.
Food food the physiologist ingestion unremarkable benefits hike vector grouping and gross
win of the brainpower.

Coconut oil are intellectual benefits to ruddy strip,scalp cleaning and the important Palm concentrate
eudaemonia benefits are that it is also illustrious to be a great aid in experience unhealthy throats and ulcers.